Why WHPA Failed & What Kamala Harris, Dems Have Planned

Not to mention this one fact: “There’s no world in which there aren’t abortions,” Jessica L. Rubino, M.D., told The Daily from The New York Times. “Even if we give all the best birth control in the world and all of it works and no one has a failure… Even if we have Medicare for all, there will still be pregnancies where someone just doesn’t want to continue it. … Having a delivery — taking a pregnancy all the way to term — is at least 10 to 12 times more dangerous than having an abortion. When you tell me that I have to do that, that that’s my job, that once I’m pregnant, that’s what’s required of me because there’s a ‘human being’ inside of me, you are sentencing me to a process that is 10 to 12 times more dangerous than the one I want. You are possibly sentencing me to death.” In a followup with Refinery29, Dr. Rubino noted that the 10 to 12 stat is a few years old, and the ratio is even higher now

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