‘We had no alternative’: Ukrainian describes fleeing invasion

(NewsNation) — Vlad Cherniavskyi was recovering from surgical procedure at his household’s house when the Russians invaded.

He remains to be in Ukraine however needed to flee his hometown and skilled many horrors alongside the best way.

“I just have to do my best to let people know, like, what we’ve been experienced,” Cherniavskyi mentioned as he recounted his and his household’s first try to go away the war-torn city of Hostomel.

“I got so lucky because just one day before the war started, I went to Kyiv to my doctor and they took out sort of the tube from my kidney.” he mentioned. “So I had kidney laser surgery to take stones out. I got so lucky. They just took the tube out. And the next day in the morning the war started.”

It was early March and Russia’s invasion was ramping up.

“We had no other choice rather than go because especially at that day when we had the official green corridor from our government,” he mentioned “It was so many explosions specifically in our area. And we wasn’t sure because, you know, people were killed when they tried to escape.”

Cherniavskyi mentioned he knew individuals who tried to flee by automobile and have been killed.

“We wasn’t sure, like, shall we go or not?” he mentioned. “And because it was, like, so many explosions that our windows got (blown) out from the house, we just decided to take the risk and to go.”

He mentioned there was little or no time to even say goodbye.

“I mean, it was so fast, you know? Everything, tanks, Russian troops around,” he mentioned. “It was actually the first time when we got out from our house. And we saw how our street was destroyed. Lots of houses around our house was destroyed. Also, one house was on fire.”

Cherniavskyi didn’t know if he was going to outlive.

“We didn’t have much time,” he mentioned. “Like in the movies to say goodbye. And they, like, made decision to go. We just had to go as soon as we could.”

“They knocked to the door,” Cherniavskyi mentioned about Russian troopers coming to his house. “And they, like, told (us) we have three seconds to get out or they will open fire in to us.”

Russian troopers then pulled Cherniavskyi from his home at gunpoint.

He remembers there being “probably around nine of them on different positions” round his yard.

Their weapons have been pointed at him, he mentioned.

Russian troopers then shortly checked his home and informed him to go away instantly.

“My sister started to cry,” he mentioned. “And she was still, like, ‘I’m not gonna leave without our cat.’”

He tried to pack some essential issues. And all of the whereas, the troopers have been watching him.

His paperwork and his cats have been among the many few possessions Cherniavskyi took with him.

The troopers then went to his neighbors to inform them to go away, as properly.

Cherniavskyi long-established an improvised white flag.

“Just (to) let them know that we are civilians,” he mentioned.

Cherniavskyi and his household crossed paths with a second group of Russian troopers.

“It was … really weird,” he mentioned. “Because they were in such a good mood. Like, they were laughing.”

The troopers informed him, “There was like no worries, you know, a couple of days, and all of that will end.”

They have been informed to go within the route of the airport.

But “the direction of the airport and it’s all in the fire and smoke,” he mentioned. “We were, like, how can we go there? I mean, where should we go?”

Joining hundreds of thousands of different Ukrainians fleeing the invasion, Cherniavskyi and his household finally made their option to a distant relative’s house within the western a part of Ukraine.

Watch the complete interview with Vlad Cherniavskyi within the video participant on the high of the web page.

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