Unpacking The Reaction To Kevin Samuels Death

Eady continues on to connect grief respectability to performativity and religious conservatism. “It prescribes a way of being that values silence over speaking. I was led to believe that my silence would protect me (word to Audre Lorde) that if I didn’t hear about the hard things, I was absolved from its impact,” she says. “What happened instead is that the very things we refused to talk about began to impact me, the very same way it impacted the generation before. I tweeted ‘not speaking ill of the dead is how generational trauma gets passed down’ but I wasn’t just speaking solely about physical death. This could be the death of a relationship, job, friendship. [All death, both proverbial and otherwise] should be regarded with the same truths, no matter how uncomfortable. We have a duty to tell the whole story.”

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