Travis Scott begs for prayers as Kylie says they didn’t know about deaths until after show


Actor Washington Ho, who was attending the Astroworld Festival with his wife Leslie, slammed the organizers Live Nation saying the event was “poorly managed”.

He told The Sun: “I’ve been to concerts all my life, but this was definitely the worst poorly managed, disorganized concert.”

Washington, who appears in HBO’s House of Ho, had been given special passes by Levi’s but he said things got “crazy” even when they were waiting in line to get into the VIP area.

“We wanted to support a local Houston artist and it was kind of pretty exciting to go, but it got crazy when we were trying to get to our special VIP spot,” Washington said.

“There was like a single file line. It was just like it felt like a herd of cattle trying to fight through this little, like probably eight-foot-long gate. So imagine trying to get like 10,000 people trying to get through a little gate who all want to see you know, Travis Scott.”

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