Thoughtful Hanukkah Gifts for Everyone: Jewish Humor

Refinery29’s Director of Content Strategy, Melissa Katz, says that I need to spell the Jewish Festival of Lights (aka Chanukah) as “Hanukkah,” if I’m looking to please the Google-SEO gods. However, I refuse to drop the somewhat phlegmy, soft “cha” sound of the Hebrew letter chet — something I mastered pretty early on during my studies at Solomon Schechter Day School in Brooklyn (shout out East Midwood, the childhood home of Ruth Bader Ginsburg!). But, I digress. This is about Chanukah gifts.
As the resident member of the tribe on the R29 shopping team, I am pleased to present 21 crazy good present ideas for eight crazy (or mashugana, if you’re still with me and playing along) nights.

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