Taking Care Of Your Clothes So They Last — The Easy Way

The Laundress Wash & Stain Bar, $6.50
Folks swear by this spot-cleaning miracle bar. You just rub it in gnarly areas that need extra love (i.e. the armpits, ring around the collar, period-stained undies, the underboob of bras, food spillage, etc.) and follow it with a standard wash. The results are bound to astound as attested by reviewers who have said things like, “It gets out EVERYTHING. Blood, poo, baby puke, sauces, greases, you name it! I once had a pair of blue jeans leak dye on a brand new blush-colored shirt. I thought it was hopeless, but I scrubbed that shirt and the dyed spots disappeared!” One reviewer claims it lifts old stuff, too: “Even if clothes have been through the dryer and the stain is set, this miracle worker gets it out.”
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