Silvi Anti-Acne Silver Pillowcase Review 2021

Changing my pillowcase every five days, well, changed my life. *Cue dramatic music.* How could such a simple act make such a big difference? I first realized that my Nestle Crunch-bar-esque cheek acne was to blame, at least partially, on my dusty, neglected bedding back in college. It wasn’t enough that I had to be kinda on-time to classes, feed myself with dining hall cash, and drink in basements. I also had to commit to washing my pillowcase in an overcrowded dorm laundry room every week. Well, I begrudgingly tried it and got angry, because it actually worked. Ever since then, I’ve been a believer in the power of the pillowcase to make a big difference in fighting acne and breakouts.

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