Sen. Joni Ernst presses on Biden to ramp up US oil production amid Russia-Ukraine war

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Sen. Joni Ernst talks to ‘Hannity’ about how President Biden is still kowtowing to climate alarmists by not opening up U.S. energy production and why energy independence is key to further sanctions on Russia.

SEN. JONI ERNST: We have scaled back American energy production and become much more reliant upon Russian energy, Russian oil. … All I know is that we have lost 71,000 energy jobs here in the United States. We have ratcheted back on American energy production and become much more reliant upon Russian oil, as well as reentering the Iran JCPOA, the nuclear agreement, where we’re allowing Russians to barter that deal, which would allow Iran to get back into the energy market. All of this is ludicrous. Sean, I don’t understand this president’s foreign policy.

[Oil sanctions on Russia] are not something we are currently engaging in, yet it is something that in a bipartisan manner we have been pushing on for quite a while. There are those that will disagree with that, but it is the one thing that would really ratchet down on President Putin, and that is his energy revenues. … Energy security is national security, we should be ramping it up here, and ratcheting down on President Putin and Russia, and yet this administration refuses to do that.

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