Sam Kerr interview: ‘I’m a risk-taker, my life is lived on the edge

In front of goal her decisions are instinctive and she describes herself as a “risk-taker”, but when it comes to making big life choices, the WSL’s Golden Boot winner Sam Kerr takes her time. Two years, in fact, is how long it took her to mull over joining Chelsea.

The Australia superstar has revealed she came close to signing for the London club a season earlier than she eventually did, after being courted by manager Emma Hayes for two seasons.

Three consecutive WSL titles later, it is safe to say she feels she made the right decision in the end.

“Now that I’m here I can’t imagine playing for any other club in the league, or Europe for that matter. I suit playing for Chelsea. I love the club, it’s definitely the best club I’ve ever been part of,” the 28-year-old proudly declares.

“I spoke to Emma [Hayes] two years before I chose to come here and the year before I signed I was close, but then I chickened out a little bit. I thought ‘I’ve got one more year’. The communication with Emma was long and I feel like we did it in the right way when it was both right for us. We both made the right decision.

“She gets the best out of me and we have a really open and honest relationship. When I was just meeting her over the phone it was a little bit more serious; She was trying to impress me and I was trying to impress her. Once I got to actually meet her the relationship relaxed a little bit. Now we take the p— out of each other all the time. It’s chill now.

“I’m not someone that likes to beat around the bush. She just tells me how it is and I tell her how it is and I think that we just have this mutual respect. I’m just a straight-to-the-point person. That works for her because she can just tell me exactly what she wants from me. When you have such high respect, working towards the same goals, it just works.”

It would appear to be a match made in heaven so far, after Kerr topped the WSL’s scoring charts for the second season in a row with 20 goals in 20 WSL games.

The last of those 20 strikes defied belief, as she swivelled in the air to volley Chelsea 4-2 ahead against Manchester United on Sunday’s final day with what she says is one of the best goals she has ever scored.

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