Rhuigi Villaseñor Partners With Zara on RHU—Redesigning Human Uniform

Rhuigi Villaseñor, just months into his appointment at Bally and several years into operating his own label Rhude, has come up with another big fashion idea: to redesign the human uniform. From his living room in Los Angeles, he describes the purpose behind his new label RHU, a co-venture with Zara, as Jobsian—incidentally he is wearing a black turtleneck. “Good design is good design,” Villaseñor proclaims.  

The menswear label—an abbreviation of Redesinging Human Uniform—exists in a post-athleisure, post-streetwear world, where clothing has to be as much a reflection of one’s identity as it has to be functional and comfortable. Two of Villaseñor’s key items, as such, are leggings and a nylon button-down—things that evoke the spirit of travel and sport. Logos, graphics, and vibrancy still play, and he identifies footwear and T-shirts as two prime opportunities for RHU.

Photo: Hugo Comte / Courtesy of Zara

“When I started Rhude, a lot of it was coming from a yearning for luxury,” he says, “but prices are up, inflation is up. How can the kids shop? This collection is not only about escapism—it’s really making sure they are still a part of something special. I want to offer something that could feel as if it speaks the same language as what Rhude is doing or what I’m doing next with Bally but at a price point more customers can afford.”  

He invokes his younger brother: “If we weren’t siblings, what would he do to get fresh? It is hard. Fashion is so expensive.”

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