Nam Vo Plumping Glow Products

“I know a lot of people don’t like to wash their face in the morning, but I like to because it resets my skin so I’m starting on a fresh, clean canvas. I double cleanse at night and single cleanse in the morning. Then, I use a toner. I love toner, I feel like it really sets me up for the rest of my skin-care routine and gets me extra clean and pH balanced. It’s not exfoliating, if you use like a rose water, but it’s just a nice way to get off any of that residue from your cleanser. Then I use a serum —I always use a vitamin C during the day. Then I use a moisturizer, then an eye cream, then sunblock. If I want a little bit more glow, I might add an oil. But I feel like in the morning, it’s all about adding those light layers and then your skin is plump, dewy, and delicious.”

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