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MESA, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) — Once again, road work on the U.S. 60 is causing issues for drivers out in the Mesa area.

Back in November, dozens of people asked the state to pay for the damage. They complained road work on the eastbound U.S. 60 caused rocks and debris to hit their cars. Crews continued the same work over the weekend on the westbound U.S. 60.

Several people who drove the U.S. 60 westbound Monday morning told Arizona’s Family that the roads looked and felt a lot better than the work done back in November, but they were still concerned about dust and debris.

As Eric Kelsey pulled onto the westbound U.S. 60 Monday morning, a warning about ADOT’s road work came to his mind.

An ADOT maintenance project has workers removing old asphalt between Gilbert and Greenfield Roads on the US-60 eastbound, but some people say the work is causing damage to their cars and even their health.

“My first thought was oh, we’re going to have a repeat of last time when they did it on the other side going eastbound,” said Kelsey. “Sure enough, I kind of feel like I jinxed myself.”

He felt a rock hit his work van, cracking the windshield.

“It broke into pieces and then traveled across the top of the van,” said Kelsey. “I just feel sorry for whoever was behind me at that point.”

Over the weekend, ADOT’s contractor removed old asphalt pavement on the westbound U.S. 60 between Gilbert and Greenfield.

“My main concern is the air quality,” said Keith Rood from Gilbert. “Not only is it dusty on the freeway, the nearby neighborhoods are also a mess.”

ADOT provided a statement to Arizona’s Family.

“The conditions along westbound US 60 are markedly better than in November. As with any time that this type of work takes place, some grit and small debris will be possible. ADOT officials who have driven the area report no major issues. We are pleased with the efforts of the contractor over the weekend to limit any debris to the greatest extent possible. Dust also was limited. We received only a few complaints as of this morning, but nothing beyond expectations when asphalt removal work like this takes place anywhere on the Valley freeway system, and well below the concerns voiced in November.”

“I’m more annoyed than anything because it takes from my work schedule to have my van because the glass companies say, ‘here’s a window from x-time to x-time,’ and it’s like I have to be at that available window when there are customers that need us out in the field,” said Kelsey.

If you file a claim, you have to send it to the Arizona Attorney General’s office through the mail or drop it off in person.

If you drove the stretch of the U.S. 60 with the latest road work on Monday morning and got damage to your car, you can file a claim against the state with The Arizona Attorney General’s Office.

ADOT says the project to remove the asphalt from that part of the U.S. 60 is finished.

“Can you guys do a better job next time, please?” said Kelsey.

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