Joe Biden makes embarrassing gaffe saying Putin will never win the ‘hearts and souls of the Iranian people’

In the wake of the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, in which 13 US soldiers were killed, Mr Biden was lambasted by members of parliament in the UK.

Cabinet insiders were quoted as suggesting the US president “looked gaga” and described him as “doolally” in the wake of the fall of Kabul.

Mr Biden has suffered from a lifelong stutter, which could explain some of the mistakes.

The 79-year-old, won the presidency amid massively scaled back campaigning during the pandemic, and some Democrats fear he would not fare as well in a much more arduous election next time.

Amid concerns over the President’s age one personal friend, who has known him for decades, recently told The Daily Telegraph: “His clutch has slipped a little. He has the energy people have at that age.”

In an annual health assessment conducted in November, the White House physician revealed that, while healthy and fit for duty, Mr Biden has “significant spinal arthritis,” and his “ambulatory gait is perceptibly stiffer and less fluid than it was a year ago.”

He is also suffering from an “increasing frequency and severity of throat clearing.”

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