How to Bake Sandwich Bread

Imagine, if you’ll, that there’s a sandwich hotline. Making a sandwich and need to nail the optimum mixture of substances? Dial 1-800-SANDWCH and a pleasant sandwich lover on the road will provide help to make selections. Should you utilize Kewpie mayo or Dijon mustard or each? Does this sort of sandwich name for lettuce, spinach, arugula, slaw, kimchi, or mustard greens? How many meats is simply too many meats? The sandwich hotline will information you. And, earlier than you cling up, the sign-off will come within the type of a query. “Oh, by the way,” the operator will ask casually, “have you ever considered making your own sandwich bread?”

I do know what you’re saying. “Isn’t life hard enough?” you ask, after sighing audibly. “Now I have to make my own sandwich bread, too?”

But right here’s the factor about sandwiches that the majority of us know very nicely: a very good sandwich deserves the easiest. While there’s a particular place in heaven for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on packaged white sandwich bread, right here, on earth, the truth is that most sandwich bread — irrespective of how wonderful the substances it accommodates — prevents a superbly good sandwich from attaining true greatness. And why, if you happen to’re the sort of one that cares about sandwich substances, would you deny it that greatness?

By no means do it’s important to turn into a loyal sourdough bread disciple to stage up your sandwich sport. In reality, essentially the most pleasant selfmade sandwich breads are easy tin breads made with business yeast. They can all be ready and baked in beneath a number of hours and I promise you they are going to style higher than Arnold’s. Arnold’s is okay, it serves its objective, toasts up nicely, and might deal with a very good variety of toppings. But if you bake your individual bread, you can also make selections in accordance with your individual tastes. I like sesame, so I fill my sandwich bread with sesame seeds and sprinkle them all around the floor earlier than it bakes. Sometimes I make my sandwich bread with some honey and oats; typically I make it with caraway and rye flour. And you realize what? It all the time tastes good. Plus: Your kitchen will scent wonderful for hours. You could get hungry sufficient for one more sandwich later.

Of course, in terms of bread, everyone knows that there is no such thing as a one supreme bread and that there’s no competitors and that each one bread is particular, even the grocery retailer stuff. But if I can provide one suggestion in your path to creating your individual, it’s that you simply can not go incorrect with Kristina Cho’s grasp of all milk breads recipe, from her ebook Mooncakes & Milk Bread. Fluffy, gentle, excellent to toast, and versatile for each sort of sandwich you’d need to make, it’s as near the best sandwich bread as you could find. Plus, it’s a cinch, even for a novice, and will be was rolls, buns, and any variety of different bread shapes. Ask the sandwich hotline — they’ll inform you an identical factor. But in order for you a bread that’s simply barely faster to make, don’t miss out on this sandwich bread recipe, or this one.

When you do undertake the act of baking your individual breads — which I do know you’ll — right here’s a helpful trick: Instead of conserving your loaves at room temperature to your subsequent sandwich, which dangers spoilage, slice them in half (or into slices, if it’s a full loaf), bag the slices, and freeze them. Then the following time a sandwich craving hits, you’ll be able to pop the frozen bread proper into the toaster and voila, contemporary bread to your sandwich. Just ensure to name the hotline if you’re deciding about that sriracha mayo.

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