HBO Max Gordita Chronicles Finally Makes Me Feel Seen

Cucu and her older sister, Emilia (Savannah Nicole Ruiz), quickly receive hard assimilation lessons in beauty and behavioral standards from, of course, white jocks wearing letterman jackets. Emilia, who is slender, quickly meets Chad. They’re soon making out furiously, but before long he’s making racist jokes and then ghosting Emilia. Cucu also has a run-in with a jock, and he introduces her to a word she’s never heard before: fatso. In this way, Cucu experiences two migrations: from the Dominican Republic to the United States and also from “gordita” to “fatso.” She explains that in DR, “gordita” means “little chubby” and is a term of endearment. In the U.S., “fatso” is another beast. 

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