Ferragamo Celebrates Palm Beach with an All-New Store—and a Party at The Colony Hotel

Salvatore Ferragamo, the brand, will turn one century old in 5 years’ time. Ahead of that milestone, the house is at a significant crossroads. For one, this September will see the runway debut of Ferragamo’s new creative director, the young British designer Maximilian Davis. The company also has a new C-Suite, with CEO Marco Gobbetti (who helped steer Celine during Phoebe Philo’s reign) and U.S. CEO Daniella Vitale now in place. And, notably, the company will soon roll out a new visual identity.

What, then, in the interim? A celebration of the things that Ferragamo is good at—and Ferragamo is great at—in Palm Beach, the gilded Floridian enclave known for preppiness, profound wealth, and, for better or worse, Mar-a-Lago.

Palm Beach has no doubt entered its hyper-glitz era—in large part thanks to the pandemic-catalyzed mass wealth migration to Florida—yet Ferragamo connects back to a quieter time on the island, when propriety, chic touches of understatement, and a deep appreciation for the finer things in life drifted through the seaspray and jasmine-filled air.

That isn’t to say Ferragamo’s presence in P.B. isn’t modern. See only its brand new store on Worth Avenue, reopened after a complete redesign in travertine marble, walnut wood, and colorful ceramic sculptures. Or see its social appeal, such as at the party it hosted on Wednesday night to fete said boutique. Held at The Colony Hotel—the hibiscus-pink bastion at the eastern end of Worth–the cocktail saw the likes of tennis star Venus Williams, who lives on nearby Jupiter Island, interior designer Jonathan Adler, singer Austin Mahone, content creators Tamu McPherson, Coco Bassey and Brittany Xavier, and popular Palm Beach locals including Bettina Anderson and Sarah J. Wetenhall, who owns The Colony.

While the Palm Beach store doesn’t necessarily hold any clues to the company’s rebrand, it’s still a unique property in the Ferragamo universe (Palm Beach itself is an important place to the Ferragamo family.) As guests sipped Aperol Spritzes and mingled beneath leafy palm overhangs and sounds from the DJs Angel + Dren, it shone clearer than ever that the town—then, now, and next—synergizes beautifully with Ferragamo as it evolves. 

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