Easy Halloween costumes you can create at home in 2021 without having to buy anything new

For those of you who felt as though you were robbed of your Halloween celebrations last year, start dusting off those decorations as this year will see the return of huge spooky ‘dos with friends and family, eerily-themed food and drink and, of course, the biggest fancy dress moments of the year.

Halloween presents the opportunity to get creative with face paints and elaborate outfits, and now, as we RSVP to parties and events this year, you’ll want to make an impact. But great costumes require careful planning and it’s all too easy to leave it too late to think of anything funny or clever.

This year, celebrations are back on – so the incentive to dress up and mark the occasion is even bigger. However, it is understandable if you’re not quite as prepared with your costume this year.

Rather than buy something new, why not create your Halloween 2021 outfit from the contents of your wardrobe – or at the very least, from mainstream fashion items that you know you’ll wear again in the future. 

It’s actually not as tricky as it sounds. For a start, there are plenty of scary characters who look distinctive in ‘normal’ clothes – Killing Eve’s Villanelle is one of our team favourites. Just browse through the horror movies on Netflix or Amazon Prime for a little inspiration. 

If you’ve got a steady hand and a box of kids’ face paints, your ‘costume’ could even be largely make-up – an ashen-faced vampire requires next to no skill or effort, just drape a long black coat over your shoulders if you don’t have a cape.

Of course, we can all do better than that. Here are the best Halloween costume ideas that can be created from the contents of your existing wardrobe.

If you have a black dress…

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