Diptyque Cleaning Products Review 2022

Lighting Diptyque candles is an experience. Our senior affiliate director, Elizabeth Buxton, actually lives in fear of lighting her very own Feu de Bois/Wood Fire Candle due to the jar’s whimsical nature and overall grandeur. Alas, not only did I feed my candle a flame, but I also spilled a good portion of melted wax on my hand. And, wow, my hand smells amazing as well as my kitchen-dining-living room. My only squabble with the candle — despite its combo of basil, mint, and tomato leaf — is that the scent doesn’t scream “kitchen,” nor did it fully refresh the room. My apartment took on a sweet, detergent-esque aroma as opposed to a spicier, earthy one. It did disperse some, but not all, of the sulfur smell in my apartment 30 minutes after I finished my hardboiled eggs. (Perhaps my standards are so high because I swear by Brightland’s savory olive oil candle Digestif.)

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