Cruz blasts ‘out of touch’ Biden ‘denying responsibility’ for multiple crises at home and abroad

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In an interview on “Hannity” Tuesday, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, ripped President Biden’s State of the Union address, describing how the president ignored the burgeoning domestic crime crisis, and never mentioned China or Afghanistan.

SENATOR TED CRUZ, R-TEXAS: This was the most out-of-the-touch State of the Union speech that I have ever heard. Biden went through a litany of acknowledging some of the problems we face in this country but utterly denying any responsibility, any culpability for it. So he acknowledged galloping inflation but didn’t say a word about the trillions in spending and trillions of debt he rammed through that cause that inflation.

He acknowledged gas prices are skyrocketing, but didn’t say a word about the war on domestic energy production that his administration lead. He acknowledged the need to secure our southern border, but didn’t say a word about the failure of his administration to enforce the laws, leading to the highest rate of illegal immigration in 61 years. 

On Ukraine, he acknowledged Russia’s invasion, but didn’t say a word about the disastrous weakness from his administration, the catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan or his decision to waive sanctions on Russia on Putin’s Nord Stream II pipeline, which is what directly led to this invasion.

On every issue, he was like Sgt. [Hans] Schultz from ‘Hogan’s Heroes’. I see nothing. I hear nothing – With him, that may be right, but he denied any and all culpability…

President Joe Biden

President Joe Biden
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The Russian invasion of Ukraine was caused by two things. Number one, last year, Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, his surrender to the Taliban and his leaving Americans behind, his abandoning Bagram Air Field, releasing terrorists, which led to the murder of 13 servicemen and women. And what happened is enemies of America across the world, enemies like Russia, like China, like North Korea and Iran — they all looked to Washington, and they took the measure of the man in the Oval Office. 

And unfortunately, they concluded that he was weak and feckless and ineffective. And I said at the time the chances of a Russian invasion of Ukraine have just increased tenfold. And as you just referenced, the chances of a Chinese invasion of Taiwan have increased tenfold, that when the American president is weak and when he’s perceived as weak, our enemies are emboldened in the world’s more dangerous. 


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