Chippin Sustainable Pet Dog Treats Review 2021

At first, I admit I was a bit wary to introduce my dog to such a different kind of food since dogs often have sensitive tummies. With that in mind, I hit up a vet for some answers. “In theory, these types of proteins may have a place in dog food or treats,” says Dr. Gabrielle Fadl, the medical director and veterinarian at Bond Vet. “However, with anything new that has not been widely tested in dog food or fed to dogs for years, there is always some degree of risk with not knowing if there will be unexpected effects.” Her advice: Make sure to check with a veterinarian who can assess if it’s appropriate for your pet. If you’re looking at treats that use non-traditional proteins, you should also check for ingredients that are AAFCO-tested and verify where they are sourced from to ensure they’re pesticide-free. In the case of Chippin, all of its daily food meets AAFCO standards, although the AAFCO only tests food, not supplemental food like treats.

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