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PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) — Volunteers are needed more than ever right now. United Food Bank says people are canceling their shifts last minute. They’ll call saying they’re sick with COVID-19 or don’t want to be exposed to the virus. “The need is continuing to rise past the holidays, and the help is just decreasing,” Grace Bishara with United Food Bank said. “Everyone deserves to eat. It’s something we need to live and survive, and we believe no one should go hungry here.”

United Food Bank

United Food Bank sent out 400,000 food bags across Arizona last year.

United Food Bank sent out 400,000 food bags across Arizona last year. If they want to do that again, they need more volunteers to step up. They’re down volunteers every day. Less people are also donating money and food right now.

Blood centers in the Valley need more donations as well. “At a time when Arizona’s blood supply is at its lowest, our population is at its highest. We get him from many different directions,” Sue Thew with Vitalant said. “Right now, blood supplies are at a two-year record low.”

The says groups who normally have blood drives aren’t hosting right now. They don’t want to host large gatherings of people. Vitalant gets 60% of their donations through blood drives.

If you want to donate to United Food Bank or help volunteer, click/tap here. If you want to host a blood drive, or donate at a Vitalant Blood Center, click/tap here.

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