A Review Of Prose Custom Hair Care Products

The quiz covers the basics like age, hair texture, length, and oil levels, but also things like scalp density and sensitivity, shampoo frequency, and how much you’re graying (if you are). It’ll ask about your hair color and treatments, and what kind of hair tools and products you take to your tresses. Then, the last section breaks down your lifestyle: what you eat, how often you sweat or exercise, and where you live (to figure out what kind of water is used to wash your hair). The quiz even asks if your hair is the kind that absorbs and retains cigarette smoke. I mean, phew, talk about thorough. Finally, it asks about hair goals, scents you like, and if you’re interested in one-time orders or getting a subscription going. But, the quiz itself is completely free and you are in no way roped in or obligated to purchase anything when you get your results. From there, Prose will serve the top suggested products for your hair, which will likely be at least one shampoo and conditioner, and maybe a secondary styling product. What I truly appreciate about Prose is that it’s not pushing or upselling you on anything — all products are presented as an optional add-on which makes the overall shopping experience pleasant. And, if at any point your lifestyle changes — i.e. you move to a different state or you bleach your hair, as two random examples — all you have to do is adjust your consultation quiz.

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