29 Unique Holiday Gift Ideas 2021

Not everyone is enjoying a bounty of gifts this holiday season. According to the Food Bank for New York City, over 12% of New York City residents are “food insecure” — meaning that they don’t have consistent access to “enough food for an active, healthy life.” Supplying a local community fridge with healthy, high-quality excess food can be an impactful way to share resources with those in need. As Jackson Heights Community Fridge organizer Tahia Islam explained to Refinery29, “Community fridges are one way to tackle food insecurity as a mutual aid project, where it’s all about solidarity with one another and not charity.”

These outdoor refrigerators are not as hard to find as you might think: Websites like Freedge and ChangeX offer maps that you can refine by city or ZIP code to find the fridge that’s closest to you. (If you live in New York City, here’s a list of 153 locations scattered across all five boroughs.) Once you find one nearby, simply add your contribution — but don’t treat the fridge like a garbage disposal. Ideal contributions include “nonperishable goods, snacks, boxed meals, bottled water, juice, and bread,” according to Bon Appetit’s Healthyish blog. “This is not a place to dump your leftovers or expiring food.”

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