25 Ridiculously Easy Couples Costume Ideas for Halloween

You can transform into Dunder Mifflin’s most famous couple with some simple work clothes. For Pam, pull back your hair halfway then put on a modest skirt, a white blouse, and a pink sweater. For Jim, it’s all about that floppy hair and a button-down with an optional tie. Don’t forget to gaze lovingly at each other every now and again.

Woody and Buzz Lightyear

Photo: Courtesy Everett Collection

Kick your nostalgia up a notch and go as the toys you cherished most both as a kid and every time you watched the tear-jerker that is Toy Story. All you need is a cowboy sheriff kit and some sort of robot costume with wings, and you’ll be singing “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” in no time.

Daria and Jane

Photo: Courtesy Everett Collection

“You’re standing on my neck” remains one of the strangest theme song lines of all time, but that doesn’t mean MTV’s sarcastic-yet-fabulous Daria stars aren’t the perfect Halloween go-tos. For Daria, you’ll need a dark red wig, a green army jacket over an orange shirt, a pleated skirt, huge glasses, and combat boots. And for her goth BFF, a short wig, a black V-neck shirt worn with shorts over leggings, and a light red coat with clunky black boots will have you snarking all night long.

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